Table Tennis API

Table tennis real-time odds feed and historical dataTable tennis might not be a popular sport among bookmakers, though fans enjoy ping pong for its short games and fast betting calculations. It allows for gaining good winnings with little time spent.

Betting on this sport requires constant updates of in-play statistics. With table tennis API, you can provide access to lots of data from different sportsbooks.

Why is a table tennis API important for the bookmakers

Table tennis is very popular among betting fans, especially in Asian countries. By adding table tennis to the sports line, the bookmaker can attract new customers and expand its reach. Table tennis has a fast pace and many possible outcomes, making it interesting for live betting. This way, the bookmakers can increase their revenue from bets.

Table tennis betting API

Features of an API for the needs of bookmakers

For a developer, using an API connection has these benefits:
  • Getting full statistics on table tennis and sports line betting
  • Saving time and being able to work with large datasets
  • Ensuring the app can grow in the future
  • Lowering management costs and risks
  • Giving users the latest information faster than competitors
API setup won’t take more than a day. It works with many programming languages, so it’s helpful for different products.

What information can be retrieved

By connecting to the table tennis API, you can integrate the following types of data into your product:
  • Results of individual sets and games
  • Statistics on players’ matches played
  • Tournament schedules
  • Past and current bookmakers’ odds
  • Information on players’ form, injuries, and other factors
  • Encyclopedic information and past trends
Information is provided on popular international tournaments such as the PRO A3, PRO A4, PRO A5, and PRO A6 leagues, TT-CUP, and others. The obtained information can be grouped based on the features of the application being developed. You can remove or add necessary parameters, customize the display and update ratio.
Betting on table tennis is considered more difficult than betting on football or basketball. However, thanks to the advanced statistics obtained through the API, you can provide users with the needed parameters for data analysis and help them successfully bet on events.

14 days of odds API access

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