Overwatch Odds API

Overwatch api - data for calculating betting oddsOverwatch is a competitive six versus six shooter where characters have their own abilities. The game interests users not only as a hobby or professional career but also as a betting activity for fans from different countries.

As a result, bookmakers have added Overwatch competitions to their esports lineup. To bet on these events successfully, bettors study past competition statistics, compare betting odds from various bookmakers, and analyze other statistical information. However, this can take a lot of time, as they have to gather information from many sources.

To make this process easier for users, bookmakers and developers use the Overwatch odds API on their websites or in their apps. This tool provides access to large datasets with the needed competition information. The data is updated live with minimal delay, letting bettors place bets quickly.

Overwatch as a betting sport

One of the reasons Overwatch is popular with sports betting fans is the game’s complexity and depth. A variety of heroes and skill combinations makes each match unique and unpredictable. Teams must always adapt to their opponents’ moves, leading to exciting and intense games.

Overwatch has many tournaments with different prize amounts, which also catch the attention of players and viewers. One of the most well-known tournaments is the Overwatch League, where professional teams from all over the world take part. This makes Overwatch a great platform for esports betting, as there are lots of matches and tournaments available for analysis and prediction.
Betting on Overwatch lets gambling and esports fans test their skills and knowledge of the game by predicting the results of matches and tournaments. Bets can be placed on various events like the winner of a match, the winner of a tournament, the score, etc. This adds more fun and involvement in watching matches and supporting your favorite teams.

Overwatch API details

  • Past tournament stats
  • Live info on events and team lineups
  • Archived and real-time odds
Stats are available for competitions for both amateurs and pros: TIER-1, TIER-2, and TIER-3. Bets are often made on Overwatch League (OWL) events, with 20 teams from around the world.

The API gives access to real-time stats, and the data can be grouped and changed to fit the app’s features. Not only Overwatch events but also a full sports and esports betting lineup is available. This lets you use the tool for betting on different games.

14 days of odds API access​

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