Snooker API Data Feeds

Snooker real-time odds feed and historical dataSnooker is a popular sport. Many people bet on snooker games, but it’s important to look at the risks and study past game stats.

By using a snooker odds API, you can give users full access to the information they need. This tool is widely used by a lot by bookmakers and developers for their websites or apps. With a snooker odds API, it’s easy to connect to big databases that have game stats from past years. This way, users don’t have to search for historical data or check the odds from betting companies – the information they need is all in one place and gets updated regularly.

Benefits of adding snooker to a bookmaker's odds feed

Snooker may not be as popular as football or basketball, but it still has fans and can bring in new customers for bookmakers. Including snooker in the sports, betting lineup can enrich the options provided by other sports and keep players interested in betting. Also, many snooker tournaments happen in various countries and regions, which can help sportsbooks attract people from different places.

What data can be retrieved?

The tool gives you access to different types of information, like:
  • Schedule of upcoming tournaments
  • Encyclopedic references
  • Current and past odds from bookmakers
  • Information about each player
  • Statistics from previous games
  • Info about the number of frames
  • Live updates on match data
By using this tool, you can show complete statistics for each event, adjust the data to fit your product’s needs, and customize how the data is grouped. This helps users understand the data better and allows them to make winning bets.

The advantages of the tool

Using API lets you stop updating statistics and odds manually. Information will refresh during games with a short delay of a few seconds. This tool helps you to:
  • Get information about upcoming snooker tournaments and betting lines from the betting companies
  • Set up connections to databases and adjust their display to fit the application’s features
  • Decrease management expenses and prevent data loss
The API not only follows information about snooker tournaments but also offers daily updates on hundreds of other sports events.

14 days of odds API access​

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