How To Choose The Best Sports API Service

Sports API - events and sports betting data feedsChoosing the best API service for sports betting can be challenging because there are many companies on the market.

Some focus on popular sports like soccer, hockey, and tennis, while others cover more sports like American football, golf, and esports.

Some services specialize in sports odds APIs and work in real-time, while others give historical statistics.

Having accurate and up-to-date data feeds is important for making the right predictions and bets. Here are some tips on what to think about when picking a sports data API provider:
  • Sports coverage – The number of events that the API data covers. This includes different sports and leagues.
  • Completeness of data on event results, statistics (archived data), and the schedule of future competitions.
  • Speed of delivery and updating LIVE data – Having real-time information delivered without interruption is important.
  • Availability of comparative data on API odds for popular sports from different bookmakers.
  • Ease and speed of API integration.

What is an API in sports betting, and who uses these services?

A sports data API is an information service that provides access to data feeds for sports, esports, and virtual events. This includes information on pre-match and in-play odds, sports events, and competition results. Betting data can be used by various groups and individuals, such as bookmakers, bettors, private bettors, and analysts who study the results of sports events.

Sports API example

  "id": "5ghjkmn89pqrf236stw4uv7xy1zabcl0",
  "sport_key": "basketball_nba",  
  "commence_time": "2022-08-30T20:00:00Z",
  "home_team": "Golden State Warriors",  
  "away_team": "Houston Rockets",

Cost of sports data through API

Prices for sports APIs begin at $100 per month, but high-quality APIs for live sports betting can cost much more. The cost depends on the variety of options, how fast the data updates, and most importantly, the quality of the bookmaker’s odds. The price for complete solutions that cover all live data of popular bookmakers like BET365 can go over 10,000 dollars per month.

Information content and coverage of sports events

Depending on your website’s location and whom you want to reach, the sports information you show can be very different. If your site is in Korea, you might want to share sports that Korean people like, such as volleyball. If your audience is English-speaking or from Brazil, you would probably want to share information about football and cover many football leagues from around the world.

The quality of the content is also very important for success. You should know what data and statistics your sports information provider gives. If you need old data, make sure your provider can give this information and, if so, what year of the archive it covers.

It’s also important to know how comprehensive and objective the sports coverage on your site will be.

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