Fortnite Odds API

Fortnite api - data for calculating betting oddsFortnite is a new esports discipline that has been gaining a lot of popularity among players and bettors. It is a battle royale game with 100 players who need to fight for resources, search for weapons, and find items on the map.

While Fortnite is not as popular as Dota 2 or CS:GO yet, major bookmakers have already added this discipline to their own lineup.

Sportsbooks and developers use the Fortnite API to quickly show game stats. This tool lets you customize access to lots of information and make sure it is regularly updated. The API works with several programming languages, so it is suitable for different types of applications.

The Fortnite phenomenon

Fortnite is a special mix of strategy, skill, and luck, which makes it attractive for esports betting. In the last few years, Fortnite has become an esports hit, bringing in millions of players and viewers. Professional Fortnite tournaments happen all over the world, with huge prize pools that can reach millions of dollars. Because of such tournaments, Fortnite catches the interest of sports betting fans.

Esports gambling on Fortnite has become popular for several reasons:
  • Dynamism and variability: Fortnite is persistently updated and changed, adding new game objects, maps, and events. This makes the game fun to watch and bet on for viewers and bettors.
  • Highly competitive: Fortnite players have a very high level of professionalism, making the competition exciting and hard to predict, which is fun to bet on.
  • Worldwide Popularity: Fortnite has a huge global audience, making it a great platform for esports betting.
  • Lots of stats and analytics: Just like in regular sports, betting on esports like Fortnite needs analysis and prediction. Being able to study statistics and watch players and teams makes the betting process more interesting and thought-provoking.
  • Regular tournaments and events: Fortnite hosts many tournaments and events around the world, giving a constant stream of events for sports betting.

Fortnite API data

  • Game stats
  • Tournament schedules
  • Odds from different bookmakers
  • Archived data
  • Information about players and teams
Information is available for big professional competitions like the World Cup, Fortnite Champion Series Chapter, Dreamhack, Ninja Battles, and EU Encore. Sometimes, data on amateur tournaments can also be found.
The API lets you get detailed game stats, change the display to fit the application, and have regular updates. Besides Fortnite, the tool helps access the esports and sports lines of bookmakers. The information is updated in real-time, and connecting to the API takes little time. If needed, you can customize the grouping of information, hide certain parameters, or add new data.

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