League of Legends Betting API

League of Legends api - data for calculating betting oddsLeague of Legends is one of the leading esports games in the industry. High interest is because it’s easy to start playing LoL and it’s popular in the media. It’s important to know that not only computer games fans like the game, but also people who like to bet on games. That’s why many betting companies have added the game to their betting options.

To make it easy to get LoL tournament stats, bookmakers and developers use an API. This tool lets them access big databases with important information needed for betting. This information is updated in real-time, so users have an opportunity to place winning bets.

About League of Legends

The main game mode in League of Legends has two teams, with five players each. The goal for both teams is to destroy the other team’s base, called Nexus. Before the start of the game, players pick characters known as “champions” who have special skills and traits. During a match, players get gold and experience by upgrading their champions and buying items to boost their abilities.

The LoL esports scene has many regional leagues and championships, including famous events like the League of Champions (LCS) in North America, the European Champions League (LEC), and the Korean Champions League (LCK). The biggest event of the year is the League of Legends World Championship, where top teams from around the world fight for the championship title and millions of dollars in prize money.

The game’s popularity in esports has made League of Legends one of the most liked subjects for betting in the gambling world. With a vast number of teams, events, and tournaments, combined with the game cinstantly being changed and developed, LoL offers many chances for sports betting. LoL match betting includes different formats such as match outcomes, rounds, cards, first kills, and more.

What is available via API

  • Past tournament stats (final scores, destroyed structures, banned heroes, and destroyed inhibitors)
  • Old data from sportsbooks
  • Team lineups and changes
  • Schedules for competitions

The API also lets you see live scores, which is the main way of betting in “League of Legends.” With the API, you can look at professional League of Legends tournament stats that happened on the “Summoner’s Rift” map. You can find data on events like the World Championship, Summer Split, and smaller online and LAN competitions.

Using this tool helps you put data together, add needed stats, or hide some information from being shown. The information is updated live, so people who bet can see the odds in real-time. Also, with the API, you can see sports and esports betting lines from bookmakers. Users can keep track of hundreds of events every day.

14 days of odds API access​

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