American Football Odds API

American football API - Odds & data feedsAn odds API for American football is essential for every major bookmaker. The sports lines of bookmakers provide major tournaments and friendly matches of American football. Sports fans keep track of statistics on games played, team lineups, and injuries because this helps them guess the results of matches and make winning bets. 

Using an API for American football makes it easier to handle lots of information. This tool helps sportsbooks and developers to put the data into their own apps or websites and give regular updates on statistics.

Information can be organized and grouped, and new parameters can be added, or unnecessary ones can be removed. As a result, users of the product can get clear statistics on upcoming events, track odds, and make quick betting decisions.

American football - not only in the USA

Adding American football to the sports lines of bookmakers from other countries can be helpful for these reasons:
  • Audience Growth: Even though American football isn’t the most popular sport in many countries, there is an audience interested in this sport and willing to bet on it. Including American football will let the bookmaker meet the audience’s needs and bring in new customers.
  • International Market: Bookmakers from all regions can work not only in their home market but also bring in customers from other countries. Adding American football will help the bookmaker become more attractive to foreign players, especially those who like to bet on American football.
  • Betting Variety: American football gives many betting options, which can draw in new players and interest current bookmaker customers. This will help grow the overall betting amount and income for the bookmaker.

Benefits of using the odds API for American football

This tool is helpful when you want to achieve these goals:
  • Give access to lots of information on events
  • Provide users access to encyclopedic data
  • Reduce the cost of analysis and updates
  • Get live updates on games stats
  • Make sure the app is scalable
  • Update the betting company’s odds regularly
  • Get the current odds for all the sports bookmaker’s games

What parameters can you get from the API?

Using the odds API for American football, you can add these features to your app:
  • Schedule of upcoming events and tournaments
  • Team lineups and substitutions
  • Info about coaches
  • Last years’ match statistics
  • Bookmakers’ odds archive
  • Live scores

Info about events from different tournaments is provided: Premier Leagues of different countries, the NFL, and others.

If needed, you can hide unwanted parameters and change the display in your app. You can also adapt the API to fit your product’s needs, combine info from different betting shops, and add new parameters for display. This will help users analyze the stats and make winning bets.

14 days of odds API access​

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