Boxing betting API

Boxing real-time odds feed and historical dataBookmakers let people bet on both professional and amateur boxing. Users generally prefer the first category, because the outcomes of the match are easier to predict. Bettor only needs to learn about the athletes, their past fights, and where the event is happening.

A boxing API makes it easier to keep track of statistics. Bookmakers and developers use this tool to add data to websites or apps. This way, they can give regular updates on statistics, odds, and other information that can affect bets. Users don’t have to spend their own time looking at statistics and finding information from different bookmakers.

Features of boxing odds API

With such a tool, you can get constant updates of statistics in real time. The information you get can be easily organized and grouped, and you can change the display of individual parameters or hide them from users. You can use the boxing odds API to provide the following features:
  • Complete information on upcoming fights and other events on the bookmaker’s betting line
  • Updating live information and quickly connecting to databases
  • Setting up the display of parameters based on the app’s features
  • Safe connection to large data sets
  • Scalability of the app in the future

What information can you get through the API?

This tool provides regular information updates and complete stats about different boxing matches. As a result, developers can add full information about upcoming or past title fights, ranking fights, and World Championship events into their products.

The wide range of information includes:
  • Encyclopedic statistics
  • Info about fighters and their injuries
  • Results of previous matches
  • Round-by-round statistics
  • Current and past bookmaker odds
  • Live updates on points earned in each round
The API can be easily adjusted to fit a product’s needs, making the data easy to understand and user-friendly.

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